What's xat Images?
A. It's a free image hoster service.

What file extensions do we allow?
R. Allowed image extensions are: PNG, JPG, JPGE, GIF, BMP, PSD.

What is the maximum file size?
A. The maximum allowed file size is 5 MB, the resolution is unlimited.

What's the maximum bandwidth, and expiration time?
A. Both are unlimited.

Do we compress the images?
A. We doesn't support this, because we want to maintain the quality and resolution sent by the user.

My image was deleted, but still appears on the direct link?
R. This is due to our CDN cache, the images are stored in the cache for the period of 12 hours.

Are my files private and secure?
A. All files uploaded to our server are maintained by us, and no-one has access as long as you do not send the link to others.