Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy is made to keep everything very clear between our users and we (

What information do we collect?
A. We do not collect personal information from our users, only the uploader IP address is stored in our database for security reasons. If the law enforcement authorities contact us to ask for some information, it will be passed, otherwise, no one will have access to them.

Your files are kept safely on our server, only the people who have the link to your image will have access to those files. We do not share them in any directory of our website. SO, NEVER SHARE FILES THAT SHOULD NOT BE PUBLIC, ANY FILE SHARED IS UNDER YOUR RESPONSABILITY.

Do we use Cookies?
A. Such as most of the today's websites, we use Cookies for the functionality of some of our services and also the stability of them. But only information for authentication and related things are being stored.

Type of content we transmit:
We are not responsible for the content that is hosted on our website (, but if they break laws we will remove the content as soon as possible. Every content hosted on our website contains the "Report" button, but if you want to contact us via email you can [email protected] or via contact form.

How do we protect your information?
  • Our hosting makes daily backups of files and database so it will keep all files safe, and if they need to be restored later we will do it.
  • All files that are sent to our server are automatically verified by anti-malwares, anti-virus etc so it always will maintain our security and stability (xat and also our users.
  • We ( run our website under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so all information sent is encrypted.