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What's not allowed?
R. We (img.xatblog.net) have some rules of things that are not permitted in our server, to keep everything clean and family-friendly. Remember that depending on the content such as child pornography is a crime, and if there is this type of content you will be reported to the responsible authority, the same happens in more serious circumstances.
  • Sending files that contain racism or anything of the genre is not permited.
  • Sending files that contain text, image, or anything violent and/or offensive is not permited.
  • Sending files that contain pornography, will be deleted and the user will be banned from our website (img.xatblog.net).
  • Sending files that is copyrithed is not permitted if you do not have permission fo doing this.
  • Sending files that contain gore, will not be permitted, this such of content is not good.

Your hosted files:
  • The files that are hosted by you, it's your property, but we (img.xatblog.net) have the right to delete it anytime.
  • The files that are hosted by you are private until you share them.
  • We (img.xatblog.net) do not have a bandwidth limit or expiration time.
  • If any of your files break our Terms of Use the file(s) may be deleted and you can get banned from our website (img.xatblog.net).

Guarantee of Service:
We offer maximum uptime for your files, like any other website we (img.xatblog.net) can not provide 100% uptime, this is impossible. However, there is no reason to worry, if our server goes through network instability or maintenance, your files will always stay online due to our CDN & Cloud System.

Reporting files:
If any file hosted on our website, contains content that breaks our Terms of Use, or breaks laws, you can contact us via e-mail, contact form or using the Report button that has below of all files that are hosted on our website (img.xatblog.net).